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Nakapa Master from Zimbabwe message

Nakapa Master from Zimbabwe message
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My 4 year old son is so obsessed by BMW that I when this Car from Japan completion came by I saw it fit to get involved and win it for him. He is always like Daddy when I grow up I will buy you a BMW. I have just told him to get me one from Japan. And we both had a look on Japanese used cars and we fell in love with all the cars .
I was showing him the e mail and I have promised him that I will instead win the BMW from Japan for him and be able to drive him everywhere . I have noticed that most Japanese used cars are easy to maintain and the back up parts are readily available in most zimbabwean Japanese used car dealers. Most Japanese used cars are as good as new and are fuel savers . The fact that most cars on Zimbabwean roads are Cars from Japan speaks volumes of how affordable the Japanese used cars are.
Why should you pick me as a winner? Firstly I command close to 5000 friends on Facebook and my becoming a winner would reach my friends and their friends friends . I am a musician ,a jazz artist in my country and winning your car would be highlighted in most of our local papers under headlines that would help market cars from Japan. I also see myself become a face of Japanese cars in Zimbabwe and help push the sales in Zimbabwe and most Southern African countries .
Lastly ,but no least, it has been my dream to own and drive a Car from Japan and winning this would be a dream come true and one that I and my family would forever cherish. And that if I happen to win this car I would keep it forever and make sure it’s properly maintained with Japanese recommended parts. I will also be available for any promotional events that the organisers of this competion feel fit for me to take part. I will adhere to all the rules that come with the competion during and after the competion . If I win I will be available to be used in any promotional adverts that involves cars from Japan at any given time. Winning a car from Japan it will also be a dream come true for me and Son.

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