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Mwero M. Majaliwa from Kenya message

Mwero M. Majaliwa from Kenya message
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Your cars are very good economical and I enjoy them. I have been buying your cars and the third one I have is a Nissan X -trail which has been serving me without problems. Service is manageble no stress. I hope you will keep on selling us your cars. Keep it up you have a wide range of cars with different CC which makes the buyer to choose what he wants. Keep this bussiness going to enable us to buy affordable cars which have shown that they can do well in Africa and other parts of the world. As you know the best part is the affordable prices. We conform that when I need a car I will go nowhere except Japan. Please keep it up we users are happy. It would be very difficult for we users to buy cars from other areas which we have not tested their durability and sustainability. I will always go for your cars when I need a car.
Considering your cars and your competitors yours are always way a head, this is because of the quality and price per unit. Kindly try to keep the prices low, so that we in Africa can be able to buy. Otherwise before introduction to the second hand car, there were very few cars on the road. Today with introdoction of the second hand cars there are many cars on the road. The most used cars like the Nissan which we use for transport in our towns these we call (Matatu), and also are used in the touring have been very good. However our Government had stopped importation tempararily and we hope they Government will lift it so that we can buy the most popular van. The other type wich is a hot cake here is the Probox which has been kicknamed PUNDA (Donkey) as it is used for both transport and as a pick up due to the big size of its boot. Before this the station Wagon DX was very popular. However from your variety of cars and Lorries you have cartered for the middle class and the high class because you have cars for both classes. I hope you will be giving us the varieties for people to choose.
I wish to inform you that on a normal morning on the Afriacan roads in our town, out of ten cars, eight are from Japan

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