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Mwape lillian chibuye from Zambia message

Mwape lillian chibuye from Zambia message
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I am someone who is passionate about learning. To improve our aim, we must improve ourselves.
Last year I became a member of the U.S embassy Zambia information resource centre. I go there to borrow books, attend educational events and through free internet looking out for youth opportunities.
I go to the embassy 3 to 5 times a week, depending on what I am working on. And because the embassy is far I walk 15 km each day to and from the embassy. That means i walk about 75 km a week.
Winning this competition would mean the world to me. It would not only make easier to go, but allow me to go as often as i can.

And a few weeks ago, I was made the first Zambian representation for International youth federation.(, a youth led international organization from Belarus. My primaryresponsibility is to ensure successful engagement of the IYF with youth communities at national
Through various activities, projects and initiatives, I advocate for youth development, women’s rights and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGS). Adolescents and youths are among the most affected by each of the sustainable development goals. In fact,
whether or not this agenda succeeds will depend on them – their experience of engagement or
of alienation, their inclusion or their further marginalization – because they are the key driving
force sustainable development era, thus need to invest in adolescents and youths. My aspiration is to inspire more young people to play a big role in the SDGS implementations.

This work is on a voluntary basis and I will be standing in this position for 4 years. Because its voluntary , I have to depend on financial help from the external source.
Wining a car would make my work much easier. It gives me the opportunity to reach out to more targets and listen to their concerns.
And on top of this it would be very helpful for my family!

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