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Mvelo from South Africa message

Mvelo from South Africa message
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Dear Car from japan, i think you guys must come to this country and open another branch then let me advertise for you because i have shown a lot of effort, it was not only about winning a price, it is also about admiring you guys. I think i worked enough to deserve this car or the price draw. I emphasis that if i have enough resources or quality internet i would have told the whole world about you Car from japan but due to low income rate and unemployment i can’t. So if you make me the winner of the price or the car that will increase my income rate and lower my poverty, i will be able to travel around the country and i will tell people about Car from japan wherever i travel along South Africa and Africa abroad. Giving me this chance is like taking another step ahead on advertisement. I know that only few will get the reward but i work hard and harder to be among that few although somethimes i stay offline for the whole week due to lordsheding but i try my best and i will still try more every chance i get thanks.

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