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Munyaradzi Mugomeza from Zimbabwe message

Munyaradzi Mugomeza from Zimbabwe message
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About picking me as a winner, I will not beat about the bush. I have a an AMG E320 w210 model and have fallen in love with Mercedes. I love that car to bits but for most of my trips I go in places it cannot. I need a big car while at the same time maintaining my relationship with Mercedes. I have gotten so into Mercedes that I can tell almost everything about it with one glance. Unfortunately about the bigger car I do not have the money to buy it. I am most in love with the ML350 w164 and have promised myself I will have it by December 2017.

As for what I like about car from japan, it’s simple. It has numerous cars to choose from and just browsing I can hardly say I would not find the car I am looking for. The response upon entering the competition shows me two things. One is that you are courteous and two that you value your customer and in any and every business those traits are particularly important.

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