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Mulondo Apollo from Uganda message

Mulondo Apollo from Uganda message
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Hello Lan Phan

This Opportunity is a great one that each of us should take with care. These cars are expensive especially to us in Africa. But to have an opportunity to drive my dream car free through a draw, It is one of the Year’s great Jackpots.

I know very few people can still access this opportunity in Africa due to lack or inadequacies of the internet provisions and the computer gadgets that can help them participate. However, If I happen to have the opportunity to win this draw, I will indeed be your company’s ambassador on the right continent and future generation clients.

Acquiring a new car in countries like Uganda, is very expensive because of the too much and many taxes levied on them both directly and indirectly especially the new one. My opportunity to participate in this draw will help me come out as a hero for TOYOTA indeed as well as realizing my dreams. I wish this opportunity can be accessed by many other people, this will be the best surprise for especially the law income earners in the developing countries like Uganda.

It is my Humble prayer to God that I make it to be the best and have this great surprise.

Yours Sincerely
Mulonso Apollo

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