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Mukwaya Suuti Samuel from Uganda message

Mukwaya Suuti Samuel from Uganda message
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I should be picked a winner because i work as a Director of rural poor primary school in one of the poorest districts of Uganda called Buyende.That car will have a multiplier effect on the entire community in the following ways:I will help me do the school works effectively and conveniently,will work as an incentive to the young students to study hard in order to live a better life,this means that this will propel social economic development in this rural poor village in the ling run,it will also stimulate technological transfer to even to rural areas since it only through internet that there are such opportunities.Therefore,the young generation is going to yearn for ICT knowledge and skills in order to much with the aver changing and dynamic world were we today.
Furthermore,about Cars from Japan,i believe they are one of the best in the world and you can get value for the money and usage.Secondly,they are affordable and there is a variety of models to suit the world test of users.
The spare parts are available and at the same time affordable.Finally,the durability is relatively good if one handles the car appropriately .
Finally,due to the above,i strongly feel an one the people who should win for a car in the campaign.
Mukwaya Suuti Samuel-Uganda.

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