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Mudhakiru Dauda from Saudi Arabia message

Mudhakiru Dauda from Saudi Arabia message
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Am glad to have an opportunity to participate in this competition which will change my life in God’s will.
Am a Tanzanian man aged 38 years old currently living in Jeddah Saudia Arabia as a teacher at al Andalus Private Schools.

Reasons on why you should choose me as a winner include:
First of all you will have solved my big persanal transport problem from home to my working place rather than hiring a tax always which is too costiful here in Saudia. This will help me be able to be at my work on time but also will allow me then to save some incentives that i will use to save my poor society in Tanzania.

Secondly, wining any gift from you will make me a full ambasador for Car from Japan wherever am I will be and fill proud of being a part of CAR FROM JAPAN family.
This can enable me to move from being your campany ambassador to campany agent in ordering and selling the Japanese used cars like any agents, some thing of my dream.
Am sure that choosing me your winner of any gift you won’t regret as am sure, I will use any gift received from you in two way trafic, not only for my personal gain but also for the betterment of the company (CAR FROM JAPAN)
Am interested in the compitition because I trust the japanese used cars being jenuine and affordable in their running cost.
But also i wish i win any gift from you so as not only will be beneficial in my daily activity as a teacher here in Jeddah Saudia Arabia bt also to become your ambasador even when am going back to my country (Tanzania) which is a good stake holder of Japan used car.
Why did I choose Toyota Noah as my preference car?
The answer is because: first it is ao family car, cheap on fuel consuption but also multpupose car which can be used as school van that can help me earn extra income which i can later use to buy another car from your company and expand publisizing of our company (car from Japan)
Also, cars from Toyota are easy to run or maintain world wide as their spare parts are available any where world wide and at a cheap price. This is because you need to poccess or request something that you think you can be able to maintain.

Thanks alot for letting me being on of your stake holders world wide and wish you good job.

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