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Mr.Zahid Zaidy from Hong Kong message

Mr.Zahid Zaidy from Hong Kong message
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Japanese second hand cars business had been always popular all over the world automobile industry.Due to financial unrest for the last year has severely effected our consumer and automobile industry especially in the Africa market as our main export market is Africa and we have exported a lot of Cars and car parts from Hong Kong.
In Japan,Used cars are mainly sold at auto auctions by car owners and dealers.There are quite a lot of used cars from Japan registered in Hong Kong, including both Japanese makes and even European makes, since both Hong Kong and Japan are right hand drive. In order to register the car in Hong Kong, the car must be less than 7 years old, gasoline powered, meets Euro V emission and noise standard, with E-mark for all glass and safety belts, and unleaded-fuel restrictor installed. For cars over 20 years old, they can be imported as classic cars and need not meet Euro V emission standard. In addition, Hong Kong does not accept privacy windows. If a Japanese used car is fitted with privacy windows, it must be converted to clear glass in order to register in Hong Kong.However,we usually import then re-export cars to West Africa,East Africa,North Africa,South East Asia and a few countries in Eastern Europe.
Many African cities are already teeming with Toyotas, even though very few new cars have been sold there. in the United States, the number of used-car transactions is approximately three times as large as the number of new-car transactions. Furthermore, the dispersion of used-car prices (measured by the coefficient of variation) is approximately five
times as large as the dispersion of new-car prices, suggesting that secondary markets play an important role in broadening the spectrum of goods available to consumers esteem company,We will work toward expanding our market share in other emerging countries in South East Asia and Africa, along with business development in acquisition and sale of used cars in Japan. We will continue to review our products by actively pursuing areas where synergistic effects on the used car export business are expected, such as marketing and selling automobile-related products.Your esteem company,The carfromjapan has been remarkably doing a great work and i am sure in coming future we would have a chance to develop a strong mutual business relationship with your esteem company as we are very much confident to expand our market of selling your cars to global market included with a very good past performance track records with the most reputed car dealers,importers and agents in our client’s list.
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