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Motsewame Nketsang from South Africa message

Motsewame Nketsang from South Africa message
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when it comes to second hand cars, Japan is the best. The cars are of very good conditions. My recently purchased small HINO dutro 2001 SOD5 4899 cc model from Nagoya out performs all local brands, its strong and has a horse power that you cant compare to its type. With my first purchase, i felt like a big winner, i gained more with less money. My Mechanic is already talking of an extra 20 years of use from my Japan machine. The things is, i want to amass more of these Japan machines and form a company which will resemble Nagoya town here in Botswana. The company will specialize in transportation of heavy loads of goods. I want to brand it ‘ Nagoya Movers’ Cars from Japan are very good. I also have other models, i love Toyota. Take vitz 1.3 2005 model is the best on the road, is fuel economic and very cheap to maintain.

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