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Monique Smith from Jamaica message

Monique Smith from Jamaica message
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I have great interest in the car from Japan. I learned about your website from a friend. When I visited the page my spirit was lifted. It was sad to know that my income could not facilitate all the payments. Then I started saying to myself “only if I could make a wish and have someone buy it for me and send it to Jamaica that would be great”. BUT it was only a wish. After all that I just gave up on owning a car it’s so expensive here.
My daily life is so depressing especially when moving around in public transport , it gets so frustrated that makes me keep on thinking about the car. So that’s when I came in from work and decided I was just gonna type in my Google search ‘ how to win a car’ it takes me to here and am thinking this must be a joke no way it could be serious and not a prank. It seems legit to me so am gonna try my luck and hope I win a Japan car. Thank you. GOD BLESS.

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