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mohmmed towfiq abdulkader from Yemen message

mohmmed towfiq abdulkader from Yemen message
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It is an honor to present this site competition to win a car from Japan and I’m happy to have the opportunity to join this valuable prize.
Frankly I was surprised when I was browsing through one of the search engines and caught my eye this site, which surprised me the most (the car) … Yes Win a car from Japan, I will not believe myself, Am I dreaming or what? I am happy with this prestigious award.

In fact we believe that Japan’s major industrial nations .. managed to human learning after World War II, how to master the industrial action and mastery in it.
When I watch the streets and lanes cars or trucks ask myself one question Is this all cars manufactured by Japan (Toyota and Hyundai mitsubishi), What is this .. it’s cars from Japan?

Oh my God that Japan used car because it is not owned factories and a laboratory for the companies but owns one of the world’s leading manufacturers of cars it is astonishing that there is a strong country economically and not just a product.

But the question remains: how Japan was able to be one of the largest industrial nations in the world .. It is more of Petroleum Exporting Countries cars
The answer very briefly science …. !!
Yes, science has managed Japan to be at the forefront of industrialized nations .. just science.

Yes .. Japan used car

When you see thousands and even millions of these cars from Japan What is the feature that has made such as Japan, better than all the European countries and the United States in the auto industry it is exporting company provides the product and the customer is thirsty to obey him that the car has a high-quality and attractive price.

When one of my friends or my own car I tell him: Is your car from Japan? He says to me. Are you an idiot !! It’s from Japan, yes it from one of the companies that I mentioned
Yes, you are creative in this area that Japan used cars.
In the development and in the Japanese field of technology .. what each car or bike or holdings which appeared in the house Yes it (Japan used car)

Just remember when Toyota or Hyundai Do you own giant tell me this enormous size factories and also you have branches all over the world?
For I say to myself, why not be like (Japan) used car? The reason is simple, because he owns the people did not know despair.

When the first car manufactured by Japan?
The first car manufactured in Japan was’ in 1898 that the true appreciation, but the industry actual began in 1910, while the Japanese auto manufacturing sector evolved considerably since its inception to the world market in the fifties and sixties, where cars become by Japanese to win many of the European and international awards as the best
The list of cars and vehicles, motorcycles and motor manufacturers in Japan, a lot of companies, among them (Toyota) and (Honda) and (Daihatsu) and (nissan) and (Suzuki) and (Mazda) and (Mitsubishi) and (Subaru) and (Isuzu ) and (Kawasaki) and (Yamaha).
Design and quality is the secret superiority of Japan also said it, earned a global reputation rugged durability and reliability.
Yes Japan used car that he ((another planet)) that Japan is out of this planet and have initiated an independent planet

Because people know that progress in all areas and it is Japan’s third-largest economy in the world after China and the United States deserve to be one of the largest countries in the auto industry and other various fields.

Each company is different from the other company of hand-made and each company know what the customer wants from specification If a sentimental journey back to our example of Arab there is a big spread for cars such as Hyundai and Toyota are the two leading organizations in the Arab region ..
Because it is known as everyone wants to buy a car from Japan to choose the specifications of each car separately and what are the possibility of each company separately, as well as in Arab countries, especially the Arab Gulf states Iehqoa cars bearing the distinctive trademark (such as Hyundai, Toyota, Suzuki, Nissan) lies Toyota principle in car safety in recent achieve high levels of safety in the positive and negative safety is the protection of occupants of the vehicle during the accident, and the positive safety is to prevent accidents from falling for this car is more desirable for the force cars to travel long distances.
Not only in cars but not in all areas of science and technology in physics and space, as well as the robot does not stop in Japan because there are starters in every child and every man and girl because Japan used car.
For example, Japan was able to issue the idea that the responsibility of education are binding on every citizen of their children until it became incumbent on every village Tnaht important at a young age.
However, we find in return. . Giant industrial cities.

Finally, I would like to thank you for this award, which offers the winner in this competition and it’s a great award from a great people passionate about cars because I need this car from Japan for my family because they always deserve to own a car from Japan because they are unique.
How much should I have my car from Japan’s wonderful to go out to the sea or the park or anywhere.

For this I have seen this site and I said to myself why do not I record and the potential to win this car from Japan ..

Secondly, I want to thank you for the opportunity for me to accept this wonderful site, which has long dreamed that gives me the only opportunity in a lifetime.

I pray that I will be lucky and win this car from Japan .. and not anywhere in the world.

Yes, that Japan’s auto industry modern center? Yes, Japan used car.

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