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mohit valambhia from Tanzania message

mohit valambhia from Tanzania message
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Hi there well im from tanzania and iv never owned a car in my life and i saw this campaign as anouther chance to try take anouther gamble and hopefully win. watching people in the streets with there awesome looking cars enjoying so much. makes really want to have my own family dosnt have much but were always happy and we have fun but its not like just anyone can ask there dad for there first car on your be a subaru sti 2003 red top engine with twin scrole turbo in tanzania,dar es salaam we have alot of rallys or auto festivals and iv always wanted to enter with my own car the exitement it brings me to see those machines breaks my heart at actualy have a car to show and enjoy with and go around town or drive to different cities sounds all so exiting to me and id really hope next year i have my own own subaru or any lovely car i could say is mine.i know iv taken a chance from thousands of people but would be nice to fell like the lucky one for once.thank you for your time to read my message and thanks to everyone who contributed fells nice to have hope to win a dream,and i think CAR FROM JAPAN is an amazing site iv found every type of car i ever wanted in my life even some classics and new model cars i thot i wouldnt find on a normal site great site and i would recomend it to anyone.

yours sincirely:mohit valambhia
Dar es salaam city
age 17

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