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Mohammed S. Sheriff from Liberia message

Mohammed S. Sheriff from Liberia message
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I am Mohammed Sow Sheriff from Liberia West Africa. I think I should be selected as a winner because I followed the instructions contained in the application exercise and other rules and regulations governing the car win program.

Sharing the promo on social media Facebook, Twitter and Google helps to drive me to a winning combination for which I should be selected. Not only to get a free car to be shipped to me in Liberia but I would showcase the win a free car from Japan in Liberia as to motivate and encourage others to enter in the rally next time.

Japan has not only been the best car dealers in the world but producing cars that are very useful to African roads and are therefore helpful to ease access to movement from place to another. Japan is the best car industry that the entire world relies on in terms of guarantee and durability.

It is my hope therefore that I am selected to win a car for the first time in my life and to own a car in my life. This is due to car from Japan!

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