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Mohammad Mamunur Rahim from Bangladesh message


In my boyhood, in Bangladesh, we new car means imported reconditioned Japanese used car. This still stands today but added strength is due to increased purchasing power new car from Japan are also imported and bought by people. It was my dream to own a Japanese car due to its precision, quality, comfort, after sell service and availability of the spare parts. Cars from japan are very successful on both off-road and on road in Bangladesh.

Japanese used cars offer value for money for middle and low income families. More than 80% cars available on the street are Japanese cars. Despite increase in the import tax and excise duty, people are still buying cars from Japan due to reliability and excellent services, loyalty and the happiness people enjoy.

Being a fan of CAR FROM JAPAN should it be new or Japanese used car, I always encourage my friends and family members to use Japanese cars due to its quality, service, durability and availability of spare parts at any time, anywhere. Therefore, I think, I would be one of the best candidate to be selected as the brand representative of CAR FROM JAPAN.

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