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Moffat Motto Masiyamphoka from Malawi message

Moffat Motto Masiyamphoka from Malawi message
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Am very pleased having this privilege of writting you.As a young man growing up in a remote rural areas where very few individuals have made it big in life, this painful fact has been boiling in my heart for so long but I never let it kill my desire of becoming one of the successful business interprenuer.As am writing this, Am very far from home physically but my heart and desire to save the people of my poor community is like a daily burning flames,hence whatever I realise from my work I send home to buy goats and pigs as I have a plan to own an animal and poultry farm that one day I will be able to serve my country and community in particular.Right from my strategic plan within a period of 2 years I will surely be able to sell and deliver my products to supermarket and other outlets from this farm using a car that I will win from this competition.Growing together with CAR FROM JAPAN logo will be well advertised.
Am growing with CAR FROM JAPAN.

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