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Miriam Akinyi Omoll from Kenya message

Miriam Akinyi Omoll from Kenya message
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I Miriam Akinyi Omoll is humbled and glad to be one of the competitors for the CAR FROM JAPAN.Iam a focused, responsible and hard working woman who will always go for her dreams whatever the circumstances, in that case am optimistic that I will be a winner in this competition!
From a humbled background, growing as a young girl, following the footsteps of my Parents who tirelessly worked hard despite the
hardships they went through, was actually the best experience in my
life since that really encouraged me to work passionately towards my
dreams. As a young girl I really
admired health practioners…why?
Because they looked so harmless,
courageous, loving and very
committed to their work not knowing
that at times they can harm until one time i became sick and i had to be
injected! I experienced the worst
pain and the question that remained
in my mind was how the Doctor had
the courage to prick my skin with a
needle, but thanks to him because
he made me relialize my potentials
at a younger age and i had always
worked towards that by all means
and whenever I was asked what I wanted to be in life, I would shout ‘A
Doctor!’ With a lot of confidence.
Now am a happy, proud ,married
medical practitioner, a self employed
pharmaceutical Technologist by
profession! A dream come true I
believe and with the God’s continous
blessings, am looking forward for
better and greater things and I will
continue building my dreams
through the challenges of my life. All
in all as a woman I would love to be
a role model to my family , friends
and the community at large
especially to a girl child by upholding
my integrity, moral standards
concerning my profession and to
encourage people to think positively
because everything is possible if you
are focused believe in yourself.
It has always been my dream to not only own a car but a good car especially from Japan, this would enable me expand my business, reach out to a larger community and make my work easier.
What I know about the car from Japan is that, the car from Japan is durable, have original spare parts which are able to last for long, are easy to maintain due to their originality and cannot easily break down. This is a car that anyone would admire to own.

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