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Millicent N. Bundi from Kenya message

Millicent N. Bundi from Kenya message
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I have been seriously shopping on Japanese sites for a car these last few months. I have at sbtjapan, tradecarview, beforward among others but so far haven’t find any that has appealed to me. It goes without saying that being expectant and without a car especially here in Nairobi can be a real struggle honestly. Therefore, am still in desperate need and I keep looking for a good affordable offer. When I finally came across your site, and an email to participate in this giveaway, it was almost a dream come true for me…literally!!
Plus going through it and seeing your stock has glued me to your website all afternoon wondering where you have been all this time. I mean you have the best of stock, really awesome and clean shot pictures, un-hiked and reasonable prices…it’s amazing!!
I look forward to be a long term part of this competition and probably even form a lasting beneficial partnership thereafter and most definitely win a car from this or get myself one later. Thank you and continue with the great work you are already keeping up!!

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