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Mike Koech from Kenya message

Mike Koech from Kenya message
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I love cars very much and consider myself a petrol-head. My love for cars began when I was young boy, seeing my dad work on his car inspired me to find interest in car cars. His first car was a Ford Cortina saloon that he bought because his father (my grandfather) had bought it once. Coming home with that car for the first time was hilarious, one of the tie rod ends was broken therefore it could only steer with one of its wheels. on a straight line for as long as the wheels were facing forward all was well but once it got to a corner it needed someone (my dads mechanic friend) to get out of the car and turn the wheel on broken side by hand or by kicking it till it turned and boy was it funny. It was repaired a few days later.

The second car was a Mini Morris and it is the one everyone loved especially my mum( I think she thought it was cute). It was a small car but we managed with it because we were still young children and we did not take a lot of space. We are four together with my siblings and we would quite well. My mum was disappointed when it was finally sold.

The third and fourth cars were a Renault 12 station wagon and a Nissan Sahara/Datsun 1600cc petrol engine, manual transmission(half-gear). All this time through the transitions of these cars I rarely missed an opportunity to accompany my dad to the mechanic because i was always intrigued with the workings of cars.

Through the experiences with my dad I developed a love for cars and for some time now I have been trying check out cars so that when I get the chance I buy of my own. I came across your site while looking for ex-japan vehicles, Kenya is really into buying both new and used Japanese vehicles. The CAR FROM JAPAN website is quite exhaustive in having a wide of Japanese used cars. No matter the taste, preference, financial capability or government regulations, CAR FROM JAPAN have it all. The cars I have been able to asses so far are in good condition, even with the regulations of Kenya there is a wide net of vehicles to select from. The prices are friendly with a chance to bargain.

So for me its quite clear where I will go to for importation of a Japanese used car. CAR FROM JAPAN is truly a hidden jewel and would highly recommend to anyone looking for a Japanese used car. For all these reasons I would urge you to kindly pick me as the winner.

Kind regards
Mike Koech

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