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Michael Howard from Malawi message

Michael Howard from Malawi message
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From the moment of interest – well, actually from first opening the website CAR FROM JAPAN that is so professionally completed and easy to maneuver through there is real excitement at searching the inventory of JAPANESE USED CAR.
Since I have used other companies to purchase Japanese used car I am very familiar with how things operate and what to expect. There is something very clean and inspiring about CAR FROM JAPAN that stirs a person to surf through the entire inventory. I feel that the company is trustworthy and inspiring. So often, people today in all nations seem to not care about service and commitment. All people are concerned about is getting money. I find this not to be the case as I work through the inventory, as I carefully read the descriptions of vehicles and as I look at the general lay out of this company, CAR FROM JAPAN.
I own and run a high school in Africa where the motto of the Academy is THE SPIRIT OF EXCELLENCE REACHING THE HEAVENS. I am a no-nonsense person who likes to do things properly and with a real spirit of excellence. This is not about money or getting rich but about my own character and nature that will not allow me to operate in any sloppy or casual manner. This means things are not accomplished with eye service – that is wanting to please someone else – but because there is a standard of excellence that must be attained and maintained. Excellence is about self-worth. My self-worth will not allow casualness, carelessness or indifference as part of my life. I do not need a policeman in my life because I am my own policeman. There is a vast difference between doing something because the law demands it and doing something because my own standard of self worth demands it.
I am able to see, therefore, that from the website CAR FROM JAPAN, there is an underlying spirit of excellence about this company. Such a standard of self worth means you recognize it in others and this gives rise to feelings of confidence and security. I do not feel that I am going to get “ripped off.”
Such thoughts and sentiments breed excellent rapport between customer and company and is extremely healthy for business.
CAR FROM JAPAN, then, draws me back and back to look at the website and make a purchase even if I really do not need to do so.

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