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Mhaka Chikwiri from Tanzania message

Mhaka Chikwiri from Tanzania message
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greetings, i am glad to be a participant of this competition because it gives me the chance to partake in the dissemination and marketing of CAR FROM JAPAN. secondly the other reason i wish to apply is so that a registered Trust Organization Called Maxwell Chiquery Trust can have a vehicle to use in its day to day running of projects. its mandate is to help alleviate the lives of marginalized Zimbabwean people who are either both blind and mute so that they have a competitive life. if i am picked as the winner i would also want to be an agent of your company here in Zimbabwe so that we can continue marketing and bringing more customers.

i think Car From Japan is a very competitive company that is reliable and trustworthy especially in our African countries and just by unveiling such a competition to everyone it surely means you care for your customers regardless of race, gender and location. in addition i see Car From Japan as a good sponsor of different car brands as evidenced by a wide range of car brands in stock

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