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Mesfin Tesfaye Tulu from Ethiopia message

Mesfin Tesfaye Tulu from Ethiopia message
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As student I am hard worker, have a good relation, Mach more commitment, brilliant mind, influent communication skill with three local and one international language, dissent discipline and absolutely blessed personality.I am extremely good in academics and also actively participates in all co-curricular activities.I am very popular among the community in the university and I am very intelligent, hardworking, humble and with excellent leadership qualities as a representative of the class. I have always shown my interest in academics and always stood ahead in studies.I am a student actively participates in the classroom discussions and always stand out to help my class students and other.If you can see my background I am intelligent person. What you can’t see from these object is I am very bright person struggling to learn in an open, unbiased, absolutely determined manner.I believe I am undoubtedly the caliber of perdon you are seeking. I feel that I am the right candidate for this award. I am sure if you given me a chance I will prove to
My friends impressed by my networking not only my friends also the company engaged me as worker. I am always open to input, ideas and suggestions and consider myself to be very approachable in that respect. I realize the importance of motivating my staff to deliver our best and I am tactful and diplomatic when dealing with potential problems; i believe a lot more can be achieved through communication than through conflict. I am nevertheless very results-driven and expect every member of my team to pull my weight and help them to achieve our common goals.
Ethiopia joined the family of rapidly advancing economies since 2004 with an unusually high annual average of 11% of growth rate. This is one of the fewest top world records while it stands to be one of the three leading economies in Africa. For the continuation of this quit radical economic growth in the county such Japan Car company’s are needed. the pervious history of me show that i have a great leading potential, incredible decision making ability, integrity in social relationship and above all i will and able to contribute to society development. Finally I certify in open air that I am person with a strong zeal to become one of the influential person in my country and also in the world.

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