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Mayeso Afilu from Malawi message

Mayeso Afilu from Malawi message
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I like CAR FROM JAPAN and i would love to drive a car from there bought by my own money, and i always wanted to, but because of cashflow problems the dreams seems so far.

With this opportunity i think i am the rightful owner of the car, and i will be part of advertising tool for CAR FROM JAPAN.

Car from Japan are durable, that is long lasting and i have never heard anyone complaining, they are of good quality.

Apart from owning a Car from Japan, i have always wanted to have a Car importation Company or a Car dealer Shop, the main aim is to sell Japanese Cars to Malawian people and if possible to supply them with Japanese spare parts.

Currently am driving my brothers Toyota Passo, it is a Japanese car, 2 years old now without any problem and i can tell you i fear no road with my brothers passo because its reliable and i know any breakdown, spare parts are easily accessible and of good quality.

Japanese Car are the best muah !!!!!! i’ll chose no any other car than Japanese Cars.

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