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Maya pondani from Malawi message

Maya pondani from Malawi message
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Thank you very much for this development more especially being it a competition which will involve a lot of your customers including me, I am very pleased with this, and my option in this competition I stand as a winner because a visit the Japanese used cars almost daily and I have been purchasing your cars since 2000 meaning that I have been with you for 16 years and the cars that I use is from Japan since 2000 and I will never stop using cars from Japan, they are durable, spare part locally found, very reasonable price, easy to use interms of driving and are controllable.
Japanese car’s are world class cars if you go anywhere you will found them there, they are almost in each and every country in the world. So if I may asked to choose a car I will definitely chose Japanese one, no any problems with Japanese cars and if you purchase it safety and caring is there until you get your car I mostly love this because its my best . in this case I support you to continue giving us what is best to us and beat in the world, once more I thank you so much.
Your obedient customer
Maya pondani

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