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Maxwell Mutua from Kenya message

Maxwell Mutua from Kenya message
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The reason i should be a warded this Car from Japan

Its not everyday genuine opportunities to win cars come our way so when i saw this offer to win a car from Japan was like wow!, am driving again. In 2008 i lost my car through fraud, a friend conned me the car, a subaru forester and to say the truth, it hurts 8 years latter.

I very well understand that a campaign like this is geared towards marketing car from Japan and for that reason would like to give you guys a reason to consider me winner in this competition.

The reason i give you is relevant to your goals and objectives as a company. I will be your ambassador in kenya for i live in the capital city and will make Car from Japan known as a car exporter company of Japanese used cars.

I will achieve that by first branding the car such that as i drive around people can notice and talk about it as well. Am also thinking that if i start a multilevel venture targeting the people who want to own Japanese used cars. In fact Kenya is a serious market for Japanese used cars. The compensation plan should pay enough money in a short time for people be at a level to get the car. I will work out all logistics for each person who reaches that level to get a car through

For the above to happen i will need a website for the network and that should not be hard for am conversant with webdesign and hosting.

Secondly, in my efforts to provide value to your efforts in marketing car from Japan, i will market my link in social media, twitter and Facebook. The latest statistics show that Facebook has 1.71billion monthly active accounts while twitter has 100million daily user account logins. This are staggering statistical records and any significant brand marketing efforts done on these platforms will guarantee results.

I know a few techniques of creating demand in these social platforms and will do my best to show appreciation for letting me drive again after 8 years. Car from Japan will get traffic from my engaging users on Facebook after all, who doesn’t want to own a car. Japanese used cars are considered of high quality and are always in very good shape.

Looking forward to your merciful consideration.

Maxwell Mutua
Tel: 254711880249

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