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MATTHIAS ONOJA from Nigeria message

MATTHIAS ONOJA from Nigeria message
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Why i should be picked as the Winner.
i wish to briefly express myself on why i think i should be picked as the Winner.
Firstly, im from a country, Nigeria, where used cars from Japan are highly celebrated. Nigerians love and respect for Japanese cars is second to non. hence it will be very easy for me to publicize and market this company (CAR FROM JAPAN) because of my peoples respect and love for Japanese products, cars in particular.
Secondly, im very popular on social media, i have numerous friends and follower on social media. so if i win, a lot of people will be convinced that the CAR FROM JAPANs campaign is real.
Thirdly, i believe that i am putting in most effort to publicize this campaign and i will continue to use all available mean i have to tell and educate more people about this program.
Let me stop here for now. to be continue ……

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