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Matt Strach from Papua New Guinea message

Matt Strach from Papua New Guinea message
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Dear Lan Phan,

thank you CAR FROM JAPAN for giving me an opportunity to participate in your promotion in getting a Japanese used car. Cars are quite expensive to purchase here in Papua New Guinea and I hope to win in this competition to allow me to get a Japanese used car at a very reasonable cost from CAR FROM JAPAN.

To me the quality of a used car is very important and I know this is what I am getting from CAR FROM JAPAN. In general Japanese used cars are very reliable and I can see the quality of the cars from the images supplied, that the cars supplied by CAR FROM JAPAN are of high quality.

I would like to mention that the CAR FROM JAPAN website is quite intuitive and very easy to use. It is not cluttered with unnecessary advertising like most other similar sites and this is important to me. I personally love the CAR TALK section on the website as this gives me an opportunity to learn about cars and how we can take care of our cars to make them last longer. The process of how to go about and order a car from CAR FROM JAPAN can be easily followed with the full instructions set out as well as pictures to help the customer along.

With that, thank you again for the time and for reading my note of appreciation and I hope to be the lucky winner of the Car Giveaway Summer 2016. When I win I will be happy and more than willing to promote and represent CAR FROM JAPAN and its sponsors in Papua New Guinea.

With Kind Regards,

Matt Strach
Port Moresby
Papua New Guinea

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