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Masimba A. Mupavaenda from Zimbabwe message

Masimba A. Mupavaenda from Zimbabwe message
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In all honest to be frank enough Japanese used cars are a force to reckon with especially in Zimbabwe.This is true because in Zimbabwe as a whole car assembly plants are very scarce as a result the very few available plants are tempted to hike prices following demand and supply justification trend.

Despite being used cars as such,one can hardly feel the difference with a brand new car straight from assembly plant.This is so because my experience tells me that most if not all cars from Japan does have good and reputable service plan.In 2009 I imported a toyota raum via Beitbridge boarder post.All rumor that most cars from Japan break down as one drives from boarder post to home area was dispelled.The car had good service record and so was true as was reported by friends whom I met as we imported our cars.

No doubt,the price factor of Japanese cars is also is worth to be mentioned and is also very vital.As already alluded to earlier on in the introductory remarks Japanese used cars are very affordable.One can hardly believe driving a very fabulous car at almost one third comparable price all over.Above all it is interesting to note that the spare parts are readily available at affordable prices as well.

I think the Japanese at large have the interests of the needs of the so called developing countries as regards technological advancement.Most used cars from Japan rarely develop serious mechanical faults as is the case with other brands elsewhere.They are very user friendly and adaptable to prevailing climatic conditions in Zimbabwe.Due to high climatic conditions in Zimbabwe brands from somewhere else are prone to over heating thereby resulting in boiling.In so doing the efficiency and normal running of engine is highly compromised.I hope and believe that as a result of the generosity of the Japanese at large God will bless them abundantly.Never can we imagine a deviation from such a gesture.

As regards the competition at hand,I deserve to be picked as a winner on the basis and strength of the following;

  • I frequently visit the website Car From Japan Co.,Ltd.
    -I am an active participant.
    -Does have vast experience with Japanese cars following having imported
    three cars,used them and have a testimony to offer regarding classical
    performance and efficiency.
    -I value the rules and regulations of the competition.
    -I do not fear to compete.
    -Understand that competition is a game.
    -I closely adhere to competition set rules and regulations.
    -Time and again share requisite information about Japanese used cars on
    various platforms with various people thereby soliciting ideas on
    importance of Japanese used cars.
    -Understand that in whatever competition definitely there must be a
    -The decision of the judges/adjudicators must be respected and is final.
    -I accept results or outcome of the game with all the due dignity.
    -Widowers like me deserve to be consoled and comforted by way of
    -All the lucky and good fortune associated with my name, Masimba and
    above all home country Zimbabwe.

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