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Mary Kadiwa from Malawi message

Mary Kadiwa from Malawi message
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You should pick me as a winner for Japanese used car because I need the car especially from Japan. I have driven most cars from Japan. My work demands a car but am unable to purchase one coz I have to send my children to school. I am therefore unable to pay fees for my children and at the same time purchase a car.
I work in different locations an a nurse and work in a research organization so I have to board public transport which most of the times delays the whole process. Unfortunately the organization I work with does not provide cars for staff but it does encourage us to have our own which am unable to secure currently. The last car I had I sold in 2014 so that I manage to pay fees for my children at high school and University. For your information the one at University will also be using the car when he comes during holidays as he has to go to the library and some resource centers which are a bit far from where we stay.

I like going for prayers especially after working hours either very early in the morning for morning devotions, and late in the evenings plus week ends. Sometimes I need to go far from where I stay but it becomes a challenge for me. I am a Sunday school teacher and women’s guild teacher and need to be at church as early as 5:30hours or 6:00hours depending on which group am teaching that day, so most of the times am late that sometimes I miss the first part of such prayer service.

I like doing business like movable restaurant I cook from home and carry to offices some are near the house others are far,sometimes I want to sell farm produce even picking them from home to where I work for staff to buy, it becomes a Challenge then I have to use a taxi which is more expensive . I can’t make profits then. It needs a vehicle to carry tables and chairs which we use for people to have a comfortable place to eat. After serving people the staff need to be transported home in good time, if I had my own car but they go late and knock of late which compromises security of my staff members that sometimes I have to hire a taxi for them to where they reside. If I had my own car they could be taken with serving materials to my home in time then they would be knocking off in time which would not cost me anything at the end of the day.

Car from Japan are good since one can easily find spare parts in times of problems with the car and most technicians/ mechanics know how to manage Japanese cars very well. I think about Japanese cars because it would be easy for me to transport it from the port to our district where I stay because the road is tar mark. Since Japanese car are durable in the country is so comfortable allowing them in because our country will not be used as a dumping area, I mean they are on the road for a long time though they are used cars. Japanese cars are durable hence I will spend long time without buying another car but only buying for my children who will soon finish school and start work and will need cars.

Most of my relatives ,friends and even organizations I have worked for have bought cars from Japan within the past years and have never been disappointed and because of that I have all the confidence that if I win one I will be one of the gifted people in our country and my children will be very happy indeed. I do encourage people my friends, relatives, and even organizations I know to be buying Cars from Japan

Let God the great provider, provide me what I so need. Mathew 7: 7-12. Lord am asking, seeking and knocking to my God who is always faithful and I now He will provide me .I AM A WINNER in Jesus name


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