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Mary Gatitu from Kenya message

Mary Gatitu from Kenya message
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Cars from Japan are exceptionally good because they deliver on reliability. Japanese manufacturers are producing competitive products and as such there’s a common believe that cars from Japan have the best quality.

The failure rate per 1ooo miles of cars from Japan is really low. Makes like Lexus have very few initial problems, and the vehicle systems like radio, alternator, water pumps show a very low failure rate over the life of the vehicle.

In Japan, Honda and Toyota have been very profitable, and profits make it much easier for a company to emphasize profit. These cars form Japan use a tried and true approach to engineering and manufacturing that emphasize quality and efficiency above all else. This stable incremental approach means that engineers can focus on steadily improving every individual system in the vehicle, rather than reinventing something every 5-7 years.

Cars from Japan are better because of great management team. They have a style of management that involves constant worker input on how to improve the product called Total Quality Management. It involves workers constantly looking for better, faster and more efficient way of creating the best motor vehicles.

Cars from Japan tend to be user friendly. If you did develop an issue you could just pop up the bonnet and fix it with a spanner, unlike the special tooling needed for European cars or the over-use of rivets in American Vehicles which made DIY difficult.

The Japanese used cars are have low prices, good services and are of high quality. These Japanese used cars come with many bundled accessories which makes having them profitable.The Japanese used cars will be as good as new ones

The cars from Japan are of many models and of top condition and Japanese used cars very reliable. I would strongly suggest considering Japanese vehicle when one’s concern is reliability and especially the Japanese used cars. Because of these and the above mentioned qualities i will be very happy to win one of the cars from Japan. It will be an answered prayer.

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