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Martrisha Mckee from USA message

Martrisha Mckee from USA message
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You should pick me because I am a very hard worker and I love cars. I don’t have one at the moment so this will really help me and my 3 boys out. Jerrod, Jordan and jae’shaun are my reasons I work so hard I want nothing but the best for them .we lost our car 2months back due to an car cash. Car was totaled and my insurance wouldn’t pay for another. The insu compies here just want money it seem they don’t want yo help you out even if you are in the wrong or not. so I’m saving money but its hard with 3 boys. They have wants and needs so saving is hard when I save up enough something happens like a bill or te kids need new clothes or Please please please choose me as the winner I will appreciate it. I also love Japan cars because you guys cars are really fast ,and I know its Better quality than the states. I just love the designs some of the Japan cars have its very diffe from cars in the U.S I can’t wait to drive my cars if I win I just can’t wait to see who win..thank u again even if I didn’t win thanks for the opportunity

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