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Martin mwangi wanjiru from Kenya message

Martin mwangi wanjiru from Kenya message
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I come from Kenya and it’s quite intresting and true that people have wrapping on their spare wheels that are mounted at the back of a car from japan that reads that the car infront of you is always a toyota. Toyota is a top brand in Kenya.
Japanese used cars is the way to go for their quite affordable, in good conditions and always gives back the worth of the money and most importantly their spare parts are readily available.
My request for your kind consideration is that am a die hard fan of the car from Japan Toyota model where I was an automotive engineer student back home. Currently am in Qatar where the cars from Japan are a top priority here but can’t help it but accept that it’s not me riding in one of them.
Japanese used will always guarantee durability for the careful top notch craftsmanship the manufacture applied for always a happy customer and keeping the car form Japan always above the other competitors.

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