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MARTHA NYANDUSI from Kenya message

MARTHA NYANDUSI from Kenya message
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CAR FROM JAPAN,I as a winner candidate,am really thankful of the great work you people are doing for the human beings all over the world.With all my efforts and dedication that I have put on this competition,I humbly ask and hope for your efforts too.To make me the winner on this competition because with that,I will get my dreams come true.I have always in my life wished to ride my own car.with great pleasure, I hope that you Car from Japan are the people who will Grant my wishes and make the impossible become far as making my dream come true, you will make me and my four children be the first people to exhault CAR FROM JAPAN.With all the love and the faith that I have in you people, I know am gonna win this.because of my children and the best life that I wanna offer them ,I will put all my dadication and all my sweat on this competition. I have to prove to my kids that I can also offer them a good revolving word around them.I wanna provoke to my country KENYA that winning is real.I wanna provoke to myself that sweat pays.please give me this chance have the same feeling that the winners have when they have made it to the finish line.CAR FROM JAPAN,if you are seriously looking for a winner,I know from the bottom of my heart that the winner you are looking for,is here.writing to you,opening your eyes that I hope were not closed.that winner is non other than ,MARTHA NYANDUSI FROM KENYA.I know am Wright when I say tha a winner with no determination,a winner who does not add hard work with determination to get the answer to be sweat,that is never,will never and was never a point is that ,I am sure all of CAR FROM JAPAN people have those qualities why don’t you look for your partner?I deserve to be the winner becouse of the consideration that i am a mother.a mother who wants to be a head and not a tail.a woman who wishes to provide that wishes can be granted and dreams can also turn to reality.that sadness can also turn to happiness.with this compettition me becoming a winner hopefully I will get to pay all my debts and loans.I really know from my heart that,car from Japan changes tears into joy.with all i have done and.worked hard for,with all i have written and even pleaded for,with all i have hoped for,MAY CAR FROM JAPAN BE MY JUDGE.I love you Car from Japanyou are the best.and thank you lan,I got your message

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