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MARTHA NYANDUSI from Kenya message

MARTHA NYANDUSI from Kenya message
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CAR FROM JAPAN, am really humbled for the work you are doing for our nation.I as a participant in this compettition,am really determined to be one of your chosen winners.am so delighted because I know through you,my life will change for the best.my loans will be paid and my dignity will be restored.car from japan,it’s just a matter of weeks,days and even nights and you are gonna announce the results.I hopefully trust in myself,my hard work and my dedication that nothing is impossible.I know there are many participants out there wishing to be winners but among all those people, I believe I am the person you have been looking for.I am the winner you have been looking for. please pick me to be the winner becouse I have done what it takes for one to be .please consider all my sweat ,all my thinking capacity, all my dedication, all my sleepless night’s that made me go this far.among all i have been your biggest fan.having a Japanese car has been one of my biggest wish and now as I have got to the point that my wish is on my own hands,i don’t want to let this sweet opportunity fly away.am sure by your help am gonna make my wish come true.I believe hard work pays and its not gonna pass me by becouse it’s part of my daily routine .with all this I know I deserve to be crowned the winner of this compettition.otherwise in all that matters,is the best customer service you have offered me.car from japan is the best and will always be the best.all thanks to car from japan because you offer the strongest and long lasting cars in the world .i love car from japan becouse you offer the best cool and colourful cars.you check and transport your cars while in good shape.your makes and model of cars enchant me.if i could have a chance to choose the best car company i am very sure I could choose you.car from japan changes people’s lives from worse to best.your car qualitys are so good.actually if I had a car,it would be from Japanese used cars or a band new japanese car. you deserve to be the number one company in the whole universe.and i thank your sponsors for making you who you’re today.I finish by pleading with you to offer me a chance of changing my life by making me the winner so that I can also support my loved ones.to remove them from a life of shame to a life of fame.all thanks to you.

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