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martha chilima from Malawi message

martha chilima from Malawi message
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Firstly I would like to thank Car from Japan and the entire team for allowing me this privilege of participating in this amazing, fun and interesting contest.

Secondly to talk more about Japanese cars, they are simply the best world wide used cars delivered with high quality to meet customers satisfaction. However cars from Japan is so far the only car exporter which has a wide range of variety of cars from which customers select their dream cars and get all the information they need to know about their dream car. It also issues discounts,hold promotions making it easy and an advantage to us customers to get our desired choice of car in high quality at low rates. Talking about the spare parts of these cars it’s also one huge advantage to customers because the spare parts are available worldwide at affordable prices too and nothing can beat how considerate and fair these guys have been to we customers because they always have our best interest at heart.

It has always been my dream to drive on of the car from Japan and I hope and believe that one day my dream will come to pass,that is the reason why I did not hesitate to register for this competition as one way of increasing my chances to live my dream. I have so far been delicate and self motivated in trying all I can to increase my winning chances though I knew about the competition a bit late. If I get a chance Of being chosen the winner of this competition and also the representative to your sponsors and brand I would be the most delighted person to work with you guys as a team and will so far enjoy the whole experience with you because I am and have always been one true fan and admirer of your services. I would also help in marketing your brands through advertising both locally and internationally in order to attract a wide range of people to do business with your company and tell them more information about your brands and the benefits of getting a car from Japan.

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