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martha albert mtega from Tanzania message


hello Lan am glad to have me join the competition, well am not very good with cars but whenever I hear of cars from Japan I just adore them,u should choose me because I always give my best to what I choose and use it productively .Cars from Japan are of good and excellent quality that I would like to own one someday because as of now I only heard how wonderful they are and it will be the first car I own .I will be joyful to be among those who owns Japan used cars .As a winner candidate I will be helpful to represent your brand and sponsors in our country just as you have chosen me to represent you here in our country, being a Japan’s representative it is an honour to me it’s like a dream come true since it opens more opportunities out there, you know nothing is good like to be exposed to the world well that is what am going to do help expose more of Japans’ used cars to the world.
thank you,
Have a good day lan,
yours, martha

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