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MARK KUYATTO from Tanzania message

MARK KUYATTO from Tanzania message
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Dear Lan Phan, Greetings.
My name is Mark Kuyatto from Tanzania.I think i’m the right person you should pick as the winner of CAR FROM JAPAN or JAPANESE USED CAR COMPETITION. Well, these are the reasons why you should give me the first consideration:
1.First of all, the car should go to the person who highly demands it.Not only do i need a car, the fact that we are living in rural areas makes a car as important as water in the desert.
2.Currently, my finances are low and can not order a car directly from Japan.
3.Japanese cars are very powerful, very suitable for rough roads and very economical in terms of fuel consumption.
5.I’m working with Tanzanian government and am extremely in need for my own transport to Office.

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