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Marc Boehm from USA message

Marc Boehm from USA message
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I have not had a car (Honda Civic) for a year now due to an accident. This is the first time in almost 20 years without out one.

Unfortunately, I have struggled to find a new good job since public transportation here doesn’t go everywhere, takes hours longer and often does not allow to get to a workplace in time when the workday starts at 6 or 7 am which is often since I live in San Diego CA on the West Coast.
Thus, I am in desperate need since I can’t afford to buy one myself and my wife is more than tired of giving me rides when I need then or we go to eventsleep and family meetings together.

I have been connected with Rajeesh Khanna for some time & think highly of him and CAR FROM JAPAN. I would represent your brand well and have over 5,280 connections on LinkedIn worldwide. I also have a lot of family internationally and have lived here over 15 years and have a myriad of personal contacts locally. More importantly, I have a Sales and Marketing professional background and could market your brand very well.

Thanks a lot for your special offer. I appreciate it more than words could ever express!


Marc Boehm

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