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Manabhi Silius Stanslaus from Tanzania message

Manabhi Silius Stanslaus from Tanzania message
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Worry not about me ,nothing that I like in my life than TRUST i’m trusted by People to be there leader since I was young I have been religion leader during my ordinary lever and advanced level not only that but also a school leader as discipline leader .Now aim a general secretary in the college of Agricultural sciences at the university of DAR ES SALAAM , I have ability to collaborate with you to make sure that you gate right and trustful information that you want .I know that there is no substitute to the word hard working in life will work hard if you choose me to be a winner.
To be honest I come from poor family but I know I’m not poor because I have power to work that GOD given me and I managed to reach to the university .The same power and more I cane use it to work with you and make the world real like your products.
I like to have a car as a human being because transport is another thing very important that we need.But I real need to work with you to my destiny of helping people reach there dreams of having cars .
Car from Japan is very cheap ,best and very strong also people from Tanzania like so much those car so you can earn money by giving out your best car service in my country. Japanese cars real meet the needs of there costumers through that kind of service your offering actually you can trade .Used car to our country are new cars and most of the people like it because it is cheap too.
I can know all of this as I have been searching information on a car that I can afford one day when I have enough money to buy a car as my dream is.So I have met you and then you gave me another dream to work with a big company please have a trust in me because I believe In trust and I think so that with no trust no work too.ASANTE SANA.

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