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Malick Abdulrahman from Tanzania message

Malick Abdulrahman from Tanzania message
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Hellow CAR FROM JAPAN Japanese used Car

My name is Malick Abdulrahman
I come from Dar es salaam Tanzazia, Dar es salaam is a small city but its very populated cause its a center of business here in our country Tanzania.In our country buying cars online has been very popular and some other newly companies have successfully caught the market.

But Car from Japan you look like a great company which have the Cheapest cars available which you can win the market here in Tanzania cause many of us are in an average kind of life so we love cheap cars.

I hope ill win this competition so as i can get a car to help me and my family on a daily transportation.

And i hope to be employed too on your company so as to reach the goals and give people your vision cause transportation in 20th century is very important.

Malick Abdulrahman.

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