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Maitiote Roubena from Kiribati message

Maitiote Roubena from Kiribati message
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After going through Car From Japan website, it obvious that the cars they sell are in good condition with quality brands. I haven’t buy any car from Car from Japan but i will, one day. I cant wait to drive their product, if i have a chance of winning this competition, i would be grateful to promote their website and product to the Kiribati people. For now, the Kiribati people are buying from Autorec, Trust, Be forward and etc, can i be the first one to drive one from Car from Japan? 🙂 . if i ever have this chance of winning, of course i will buy more from this company. Kiribati people are going crazy over cars, they go for quality and most ranked car companies. So as a promising customer, if i get this chance (again), i will directly import cars from Car from Japan for more than 5 every shipment to Kiribati. Am pretty sure, the people in Kiribati will love driving around with a logo of Car from Japan. How do they know more about your company if only a few people on the island can access internet? why should you pick me as the winner? Well, that is why, so i can promote your logo on the island, driving around attracting people’s attention of the new car company logo on the island…wouldn’t it be nice to promote Car from Japan that way?.

Keep the good work Car from Japan and continue to help people from all over the world with transportation with best qualities and durability.

Thank you very much.

Best regards.

Maitiote Roubena

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