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Maina M Wahome from Kenya message

Maina M Wahome from Kenya message
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CAR FROM JAPAN, without the car from Japan the world would be using horse and donkeys carts. Thenks to world leading in car cars,truck plus so many others related engines that keep the world at the right pace. Here in Kenya Nakuru town,we have Company called KenJap Motors that make me admire a car from Japan. Almost every five cars in Kenya, or all of them are from Japan. What’s a great achievement that the Japan has made to keep the world on mobility. Am a Kenyan male of sound mind. Am ready in any capacity to market and promote and adverse the cars from Japan. Since I was born the Toyota makes car are high in demand, and moving like hot cakes. The spears parts are cheap and easy to access. When we came in transport Isuzu’s are the best on our road. Its service and repair is very excellent.

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