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lynda matthews from Zimbabwe message

lynda matthews from Zimbabwe message
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I would really appreciate if Car of Japan choose me as a winner because i have been trying to save up for car for years and i never manage to raise enough.i am proud to say i am now in the process of saving and hoping to buy a car by December and had Car of Japan in mind to purchase it from.i am a mother of two and being mobile will bring so much joy to my family.i work a full time job and I am also wanting to further my studies in Marketing by attending night school but i cannot at the moment because of safety reasons.Moving at night using public transport will not be safe for me.but if i have my own car life will be so much easier.i also started a new job end of last year which pays me well enough to be able to maintain the car.My job is about one hour away from home and using public transport is very hectic to and fro especially peak hour.Please help me Car of Japan by assisting me by making my life manageable,enjoyable and smooth flowing by making me an owner of one of your many beautiful cars.That is who you are Car of Japan ,you make life so much easier for people all around the world by offering such an amazing service that is a neccesity,u sell affordable cars. Thank you for this opportunity

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