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Lydia Godfrey from Tanzania message

Lydia Godfrey from Tanzania message
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Most car consumers have resorted to ordering for cars through the Internet because they get cars at LOW PRICES , GOOD SERVICES & CARS ARE OF HIGH QUALITY. The whole world is aware of the fact that used Japanese used cars are the cheapest in this planet. Moreover, the used Japanese cars come with many bundled accessories, which make buying a used Japanese car more profitable. All the Japanese used cars that are sold will be in top condition. The looks of the Japanese used cars will be as good as the new ones. With all these good things, LETS TAKE ADVANTAGE OF CHEAP AND QUALITY TO BUY AND DRIVE.

1.The very special Japanese loan system

understandable that outline of the car loan system in Japan is that you can buy a new car for almost half the original price of the vehicle.Here is how it works; Lets take an example that you are buying a car that costs US$50,000 which has a resale value of 50%.Through the unique Japanese loan system, you will have to pay only US$25,000 for the vehicle.
The car loan system provides an opportunity to deduct the resale value of the car. After some 2 years, you have to resell the car to the dealer and get a new car in the same manner. This makes used Japan cars of all type accumulate to the inventory and being sold cheapest.

2 The Import Tax
People around the world really have a hard time when importing luxurious used cars from other countries. There are certain situations where the import tax of the used car will be very much greater than the price for which you bought the car. However, things are very different in the case of importing used cars directly from Japan. You should have heard that importing used Japan cars are not associated with any import tax. Yes that is absolutely true. You don’t have to pay even a single penny as import tax while importing used cars from Japan. Moreover, all the car related taxes are very low for the used Japan cars when compared to the others. I currently work temporarily at Clearing field In Dar es salaam Port Tanzania and I have experience on this and I always encourage clients to buy cars from Japan.

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