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LUNGU FRANCIS .J. EDWARD from Zambia message

LUNGU FRANCIS .J. EDWARD from Zambia message
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In Africa as a whole and more particularly southern region were i come from,the average earnings for most public workers and small business owners is very little such that most cannot afford a brand new car even with provisions of bank loans.However if you visited this region today a lot of people are owning the Japanese used cars WHICH ARE WELL RECONDITIONED ,evidenced by their more than value for money as one can use it without major problem for as long as 6years to 10years.
It has highly added to the development of most of Southern African Countries .This is by making the cost of doing business lower due to making of such vehicles available to most people at affordable price and with fuel efficient consumption which is promoting environmental friendly emission of controlled levels of carbon dioxide.In addition to this, the workers are able to reach their work places in good time and hence increasing the overall levels of productivity at individual level and the countries gross domestic product out put for the country as a whole.Transport plays a major role in any countries economy and looking at the high poverty levels which used to be in Africa two to three decades ago and when compared with the current improved levels of standard of living nowadays found in most countries in Africa, it is undeniable fact that these vehicles have helped to reduce poverty levels in this region.How else can you call Japan apart from saying you are a friend indeed because you have been helping the friends in need!
I have personally identified that promoting small business development can help to develop these poor countries economy through provision of employment at small business enterprise level as Drivers and general improvement of how to do business , hence allowing for increased success every year.I hold this strong passion for small business entrepreneurship and i personally think if i am picked as a winner,the business i would like to do in agriculture sector will improve and consequently help to arrest the hunger situation that has affected most parts of Africa.
The other most important thing is to be part of the employers world.In 2012 when my family bought Japanese used car we had to put it on taxi to help us earn a bit of income for my family and additionally i created employment to the driver who had a family of 8 people he was keeping at his house. By making the cars affordable for an average man like me to buy, CAR FROM JAPAN was in reality creating employment through me to some need youth out their.This fact can be appreciated by CAR FROM JAPAN if they came to LUSAKA city and check on the number of Japanese used cars which are packed at the stations and each car or minibus employes at least a driver and a bus conductor who in turn have families bigger in some cases 8 to 15 people under their care.If i am picked i would like to continue being of help to my government by reducing unemployment which as at now is standing at alarming levels in the formal sectors.
My general belief is that so many of my friends should win together with me.This will mean more people probably those i know will find employment in the informal sector or better still people i know will be self employed. Japanese used cars are a big business on their own.Others reorder for resale and earn a margin out of the transactions.Some are specialist in giving professional advice on the procedures of ordering ,clearing and vehicle registration and through such they are able to put food on the table for the family.
The honest way of describing the Japanese used cars is that its a brand of its on class.It is surely a guarantee and a promise of quality which one is to hold through ownership.Surely i would not love to miss such a wonderful promise from you my genuine pals.
My interest is very strong on environmental preservation.I would like to venture largely into organic agricultural activities and should i win the car from Japan it will help me to reach even far areas as i sell my merchandise and preach about environmental friendly methods of practicing agriculture and doing business.Japan has faced a number of major natural disasters which have seen a lot of our beloved brothers and sisters loose their lives and properties.I therefore strongly believe that some of the disasters are man made due to our unfriendly practices in agriculture and use of machinery.Environmental protection surely starts with one man in every community and that man can be me and not necessarily my neighbor.The support i can get through winning this competition is the best boost i need to move towards realizing my goals of advocating for the protection of my mother earth.QUITE AS SHE MAY BE,mother earth has suffered a lot of injustices and justice can begin by an individual and then the whole world will follow.I need your support by making me win and i will be the bearer of the good message of the environmental friendly brand from Japan as i am aware that some materials used to recondition the cars are recycled as opposed to dumping them in the oceans were they increase toxic levels.
I am yet to find a country were the majority of its citizens are honest like the Japanese people.When the Japanese used car is quality certified to be perfect one does not need a second opinion to know the truth.I would be happy to join such a lovely family by winning a prize in this competition from the providers of the best customer service in the motor industry in the world.Forward forever with Japan as we focus on environmental friendly machinery,cleaner energy,long live mother earth.The year 2016 has been reported in Climate change meeting in Morocco to be hot when compared to recent past years.Global warming is real.

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