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Lucy Awuor from Kenya message

Lucy Awuor from Kenya message
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Cars from Japan are affordable, reliable and comfortable. I preferentially like Toyota Alion because they are fuel efficient.I have owned one before and it served me with much satisfaction.I sold it because of some emergencies I experienced and right now I miss it so much. The person who bought it from me has been full of praise for the car and does not regret buying it. Winning a Toyota Alion in this competition will be a big boost to me to run my errands. I work for a Non Governmental Organization that deals with sponsorship in education, health and business development for people in disadvantaged communities. My work involves a lot of traveling and I badly need a car, more so the Toyota Alion model. Infact I have purposed to become a loyal follower of Toyota Alion.My next and all future cars will be this model; whether for personal purposes or a gift to a friend or other family member.These models are very comfortable and I liked there off road experience.I am and will always be a Toyota Alion fan.Please let me win this car of my dreams.I will remain a faithful ambassador of Toyota Alion and all other models from your company because I have tasted and live to cherish the experience. I am the right person to win this competition for I believe in my words.

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