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Luciano Mwale from Zimbabwe message

Luciano Mwale from Zimbabwe message
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  1. The reason I should win is because I will make a great marketer. To me a great marketer understands that that being a salesperson is a job and part of my job description is to actively and creatively promote this campaign. So if I were to be chosen, I would bring more clients to this company by actively marketing the products to try to win more customers.

  2. I think most people have resorted to ordering for cars from Japan is because they get cars at low prices , good services and cars are of high quality. The whole world is aware of the fact that used Japanese used cars are the cheapest in this planet. Moreover, the used Japanese cars come with many bundled accessories, which make buying a used Japanese car more profitable. All the used Japanese cars that are sold will be in top condition. The looks of the used Japanese cars will be as good as the new ones. We people in Africa prefer buying cars from Japan because they are affordable as compared to our local car dealers. Used cars from other countries like United States of America, UK, China and many more other countries are expensive as compared to Japan. People here in Zimbabwe and other African countries really have a hard time when importing luxurious used cars from other countries. There are certain situations where the import duty of the used car will be very much greater than the price for which you bought the car. However, things are very different in the case of importing used cars directly from Japan, importing used Japan cars are not associated with many import tax as compared to luxury cars from other nations. You don’t have to pay more but just import duty and other small clearing expenses while importing used cars from Japan. Moreover, all the car related taxes are very low for the used Japan cars when compared to the others.the Japanese people buy new cars frequently as the new models are introduced. This makes their old used Japan car to be sold at very low prices. As the old cars will be well maintained by the owner, you can see many good used cars for sale at very cheap prices. The Japanese used car inventory expands as people keep on buying new model cars and sell the used car for very low prices. Japanese people are great inventors every year they produce new cars into the market as compared to other developed countries that manufacture cars in the world.

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