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Lucas maduro from Aruba message

Lucas maduro from Aruba message
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Hello , to start off i am in love with jappanesse cars . And im doing this contest because im a 20 yr old and working to save money to buy me a car from CarFromJapan
And i told my mom that id buy her a car aswell , because she’s been through allot lately and its my way of saying thanks for helping me and only way i know i can show a bit amount of thanks is getting her in a better car .
And every week i come on CarsFromJapan to see the vechicles in stock & me myself im a huge fan of the mazda rx7 fd and you guys have some in stock , toyota supra also you hve in stock and nissan fairlady 350z
And to be honest i do chek other site to see if they have what i like , and they dont only you guys have them and the way i think of you guys Cars From Japan
Ill be buying cars from you guys when i get a fair ammount that i can get 2 Japanese used car
Plus im from Aruba and here allready its getting filled with Japanese used cars here , but all of them are either skyline or silvia and some bit of others selcetion
And i want to be the person to stand out from all . Ovbiously in a japanese used car that i purchase from you guys but to also help you guys get some more people from my island searching and buying cars from you guys

And the cars here that Cars From Japan has in stock are in good condition and cheap which is always nice , and i realy hope to have a chance to atleast scrape the bottom of the barrel to win even if i do win ill be buying cars still from Cars From Japan

And if theres a rate button you guys deserve 5stars <3

Have a good and wonderfull day
And ill be cheking on the stocklist to see whats new guys
Take care

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