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Loice Tonui from Kenya message

Loice Tonui from Kenya message
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I am from Nairobi Kenya and am very glad to participate in this promotion and am hoping for the best to win this promotion and to always continue enjoying the services of the wonderful Japanese Cars!
I have always loved Japanese cars. All your cars are very good,but i specifically have a liking for Toyota. It rocks!
Considering also that most of the roads in my country are rough roads,Toyota has the strength for rough terrains!
No wonder most of the Cars in my Country are Toyotas.
The servicing and maintenance of Toyotas is also affordable since spare parts are readily available. Most of the Mechanics here have mastered Toyotas and they can easily diagnose and fix any mechanical problems. So most people here have it easy with Toyotas.
For a long time now,I have been saving money in order to buy a Car..its been a struggle though,so if and only if I win a car in this promotion,I don’t want to imagine how glad I will be.I really hope for the best and waiting for a Christmas gift from Japan, which will be a car!Thank you.

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