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Lizz Thuiya from Kenya message

Lizz Thuiya from Kenya message
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CAR FROM JAPAN are good models and they have the cability of giving good customer service and they deliver on time.

Japanese used car are complient to the roads in Kenya hence most of the people prefer to buy them for business or personal use.

I would love to win Toyota filder so that i can venture into uber business hence i will be self employed and by doing that i would also market the cars from japan being that i will have the first hand experience with it.

Secondly the car will be of great use as i have always dreamt of owning my own personal car at one point in life.

I would really appreaciate to be a winner and to be a proud owner of Toyata Filder courtesy of Car from Japan.

Thank you and am looking forward to receive the good news.

Best regards,

Lizz Thuiya
From Kenya

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